One Secret Dolly Parton Never Wanted Fans to Know

Dolly Parton's secret to accomplishing all her dreams is one doctors have actually warned the rest of us to avoid.

The country legend told E! News that she not only works tirelessly, she doesn't get tired at all.

"I don't require a lot of sleep," the singer admitted. "I get that from my dad too, hard work and not much sleep. But I get all the sleep I need, it's just that my metabolism just doesn't require a lot of sleep."

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Parton credits her abnormally short sleep schedule for her hit songs, films and more, simply because she has "a lot more time than most people... And I'm not one to waste time."

So how much shut eye does the rhinestone-clad superstar run on?

"I sleep you know three hours, five hours is a long night for me," Parton said. "And I'll take a nap during the day if I can, especially if I'm on a movie set or something."

"For my lunch break, I take a nap, a little nap," she continued. "And then I get up and if I've still got time to eat, you know, I'll do that too, but I can eat... I eat all the time, so I don't have to have a lunch break. I'm always eatin' something."

Though the 9 to 5 songstress has hustled for more than 50 years in the entertainment business, Parton said she still squeezes in time for her husband so they can enjoy a little relaxation when necessary.

"I have a good life," she said. "I've balanced it out pretty good. I look at the things I've done and I can't believe I've done it… But it's a way of life for me. It's not that I'm having to plan it, I live it."

And at 71 years old, the Tennessee native's career is still going strong. Parton released her first children's album, I Believe In You, on Sept. 29, despite having no children of her own.


"God has a plan for everything," she told TODAY on the subject of children. "I think it probably was His plan for me not to have kids so everybody's kids could be mine. And they are now."

Photo credit: Instagram / @dollyparton