Dolly Parton Wishes Cher a Happy Birthday: 'Just Know That I Will Always Love You'

Dolly Parton is celebrating Cher's 73rd birthday! The rock icon, who turned a year older on May 20, was toasted by the country music superstar in a sweet post on social media.

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"Hi Cher, it's Dolly," Parton said in a video. "Happy birthday to you. We're the same age now. Well, I might be a minute or two older than you, but what's a minute or two among friends, and old bags like us? I don't mean that; I think we're holding up pretty good for our age. How old are we now? 37? Yeah, that's it. Anyway, I just want you to know I'm proud of you. I think you're great. I hope you'll be around for a hundred more years to hang out with me, if nothing else."

"Anyway, just know that I will always love you, along with everybody else in the world, " she continued, singing a line from her famous song. "Happy birthday to you!"

The Country Music Hall of Fame member captioned the video by saying, "Happy Birthday [Cher]! Here’s to more years of singin’, sequins, and swappin’ secrets!"

Parton also shared birthday greetings with Cher on Facebook, posting a photo of the two of them from days gone by.

"Happy Birthday Cher - thanks for the years of inspiration from your voice to your style!" Parton captioned the throwback picture.

Parton and Cher have both had illustrious careers, in both music and film, over the past several decades, with neither of them showing any plans of slowing down anytime soon. But Parton isn't the only country celebrity who is a fan of Cher. Reba McEntire, who along with Cher was a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors last year, also became a fan of the rock star.

"I"m a huge Cher fan," McEntire admitted to PEOPLE. "I have been forever. Wouldn't that be fun? It seems like a natural to me."

McEntire also hinted she would like to work with both Parton and Cher in the future.

"There's people you want to go work with, like Pink, Bruno Mars," McEntire said. "That might be two things you wouldn't ever think of. But Dolly Parton, and Cher? Of course, that's a given."


Parton was also a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors, receiving her medallion in 2006.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian