Dolly Parton Shares a Birthday Message for Willie Nelson

Wednesday, April 29 is Willie Nelson's 87th birthday, and the country legend has already received a number of tributes including one from his friend Dolly Parton. Parton used her social media platforms to share a photo of herself talking to Nelson, holding on to the ends of his signature braids as the two laughed together. "A great friend is one you can share hair tips with," she wrote along with a winking emoji. "Happy birthday, [Willie Nelson]!"

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"HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!! I'm so grateful to know you," Grace Potter captioned a photo of the two on stage together. "Times may be dark, but you keep that light shining on and on." The sentiment was shared by Margo Price, who posted a photo of herself and Nelson in the studio: and captioned: "Happy 87th Birthday Willie Nelson! I hope you have the best day ever! I still have the joint you gave me saved in a jewelry box at home... might have to smoke it if times get tough."

Toby Keith wished Nelson a Happy Birthday with a video message on Twitter. "Willie Nelson, Happy Birthday, bud," he began. "87 and many more. Hope you live a great long life, have a wonderful birthday pal, and remember," he continued before singing, 'Don't let the old man in.' See you buddy," he concluded.

Before his birthday, Nelson essentially re-gifted a pair of masks he and his wife had received from a woman in Texas, paying her donation forward by signing the masks and asking that they be auctioned off. Both masks are available for bidding on the FrontLine-Angels auction website and currently have bids of over $2,000. Tanya Boike told ABC 13 that she had met Nelson's granddaughter, Noelle Ward, a few years prior and connected with her to see whether she could get a pair of masks to the country singer and his wife.


"They said, 'you know what, we're really good, we're already taken care of, but we would like to donate them or auction them off. How about we sign them and auction them off?'" Ward said. "I just lost it. That's not what I had made them for," Boike said. "This is going to be so amazing for these first responders and these critical care workers. These guys are going to be able to have a mask and not have to spend a fortune on them."