Dierks Bentley Honored by Vanderbilt Children's Hospital For Charitable Contributions

Dierks Bentley is the first artist to receive a star at Nashville's Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Walk of Champions, honoring Bentley's numerous philanthropic efforts, including his ten years of giving through his charitable Miles & Music campaign.

"Nashville's just growing like crazy," Bentley said prior to the unveiling of the inaugural star. "Some of us are a little less hesitant to embrace the changes that are happening to our city, but the folks here at the hospital obviously are on the forefront of embracing the changes. Everyday we drive by this hospital and see the growth happening, the building, the construction – all the lives they're changing. And it's not just Nashville and the Midsouth – it's everywhere. There's so many people that gravitate towards this hospital.

"I am personally so honored to have this star," he continued. "I feel like everyone that knows the situation knows that I'm not the star. It's really the doctors and the technicians, the administrators and the nurses. You guys are the stars ... You guys are the ones that make this place what it is, and make this place the shining star that it is on the hill."

Bentley, who raised more than $4 million through his Miles & Music, has plenty of fond memories of the annual event, especially the times he spent with some of his famous friends.

"I think back to Tim McGraw being my riding mate one year," Bentley recalled. "Every year I'd have a different person riding next to me every year, and one year it was Tim McGraw. I don't think Tim got the memo that we ride about 25 mph the entire time. It's not really a ride, it's more of a coast. And he's over there popping wheelies before we even left the Harley Davidson leadership. He's revving it up. He's swerving in and out of my lane. It was a pretty long two-hour ride with McGraw."

"And some sad memories too, of our buddy, Troy Gentry, who was always the first guy to call me up every year to volunteer every year to be a part of that ride," Bentley added. "So many great memories, and I think everyone that's been part of the ride, all the artists and part of the music and the motorcycle ride, I think would say it's their favorite part of the year."

Most importantly, the "Woman, Amen" singer credited the loyal fans, who showed up year after year to support the Miles & Music events.


"Without the fans, there would be nothing," Bentley said. "We could all donate our time, we could donate our music and video walls and our sound systems and build this great stage and great platform, but if the fans didn't come and spend their own real money to participate in Miles & Music every year, then there's nothing. So it's really about the fans at the end of the day."

Bentley's latest album, The Mountain, will be released later this year. His Mountain High Tour kicks off on May 17. Dates can be found on his website.