Dennis Quaid Stars as Womanizer in Midland's 'Mr. Lonely' Music Video

Dennis Quaid is lending his acting skills to the video for Midland's latest single, "Mr. Lonely." The song is from the trio's upcoming, still-untitled sophomore album.

In the video, Quaid plays a single-and-ready-to-mingle man, who walks into a bar, where all the women he has previously dated come at him all at once, with a vengeance. The award-winning actor showed off his comedic chops in the video, which ended with him running away in flames.

Midland, made up of Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy, had three hit singles from their debut On the Rocks album, but promise even better music on their next set of tunes.

“The biggest thing we’re looking to accomplish in 2019 is just to keep the momentum going," Wystrach said. "We feel like On The Rocks was the greatest thing that we’d ever recorded before. And we feel deeply that this next album is going to pick up exactly where On The Rocks left off and it’s actually going to go beyond.

"We all feel that it’s a continuation but really an evolution in the right direction as far as songwriting recording and the overall vibe of it goes," he added. "So we just can’t wait to share it with more and more fans in 2019.”

Midland credits their loyal fans with all the success they've had, including numerous awards and accolades, and keeping them busy on the road.

"It's just been kind of crazy," Wystrach told "We're going to clock 280-something days away from home ... We're as surprised as everybody else that it's working at a commercial level, and at a critical level. We're really proud of it and having fun."

"We have the greatest fans in the world," he continued, "and the fact that country radio has been supporting us from the get-go, we're super grateful. It's fun. It's great to get to celebrate with our colleagues, all of our fellow artists and then, of course, all of our fellow friends that are in the press."

The guys haven't given away too many details of their next album, but they did previously reveal the kind of direction they wanted to take their music.

“I think what we’re tapping into with a lot of the bro-country or the more pop country is that, what happened with Chris Stapleton, people couldn’t quite put their finger on it," Wystrach divulged. "But Chris Stapleton’s tapping into the blues and into soul, and it’s really in that performance where you hear that coming through. And that’s a big influence for us, is on the soul and on the blues side."


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Photo Credit: Getty/John Shearer