Darius Rucker's Single Mother Impacted His Role as a Father

Darius Rucker grew up without a father. The South Carolina native was raised, along with his five [...]

Darius Rucker grew up without a father. The South Carolina native was raised, along with his five siblings, by a single mother, who quietly taught Rucker things he uses today with his own children.

"She had a lot great qualities, but she was always, family was first for her," Rucker boasts. "She was always a rock and making sure she took care of us and making sure we had things we needed to have to survive – food and clothes and a home – and seeing that and seeing how hard she worked and all the things she did just really made me the father that I am today.

"I mean, I'm so crazy and hands-on with my kids," he continues. "I think it all comes from watching my mom have to struggle so much to support us. And so now, I don't want me or my wife to ever have to struggle, and I don't want my kids to ever want or wonder where I am or where their mom is. I want them to always know where we are and always be taken care of, and that all comes from my mom."

(Photo: Instagram/dariusrucker)

Rucker doesn't get to spend as much time at home with his daughter, Daniella and son, Jack (he also has a grown daughter, Caroline), but when he is off the road, he takes his parenting role seriously.

"Dani would say that I was a fun Dad. My little daughter would say that I was a fun dad; she thinks I'm a lot of fun," reflects Rucker. "I think if you caught them at the right moment they would say I was mean [laughs] because when I'm home I'm not afraid to discipline them. I'm all fun until it's not fun anymore and then daddy's not the fun guy. I think that they'd say that I was a fun Dad, I'm a loving Dad and I think they would say that.

"I'm gone so much that when I'm home, I just shower love upon my kids," he adds. "I say 'I love you' probably fifty times a day. We hug, we kiss all the time. I'm always wanting them to know how much I love them. So I'd hope they'd say that I was a loving dad."

Rucker will head out on the road next month to co-headline the Summer Plays On Tour with Lady Antebellum. Dates can be found at DariusRucker.com.

Photo Credit: Instagram/dariusrucker