Danielle Bradbery Releases Cover of Post Malone's 'Psycho'

Danielle Bradbery is continuing to cover songs by other artists, as part of her Yours Truly project, this time covering Post Malone's "Pscyho." The song is from Malone's sophomore Beerbongs & Bentleys album.

"I've always listened to and been inspired by music from all genres," Bradbery shared on social media. "Post Malone's 'Psycho' was the first song I thought of when we started talking about the Yours Truly: 2018 cover series. Proud and excited to be sharing music with you that challenged me out of my comfort zone. Hope you love."

Bradbery previously announced she was doing the Yours Truly project to honor the different kinds of music she grew up listening to, which ultimately shaped her own career path.

"I grew up listening to all kinds of music from country to R&B and hip hop, even Hispanic music with my mom's side of the family, and all of those influences have impacted my own art," Bradbery told Billboard. "Incredible music was released across all genres this year, so I wanted to mark this moment in time with my own versions of some of my favorites. I can't wait for everyone to hear my take on these songs."

Bradbery previously covered Ariana Grande's "God is a Woman" and Kacey Musgraves' "Slow Burn." But one artist she hasn't covered is Carrie Underwood, even though Bradberry says it's Underwood who inspired her love of music.

"I always say this, but it's so true. I lived with every Carrie Underwood album you could think of," Bradbery acknowledged. "Even younger, I sang and could tell you every single song that she's probably sang. I remember owning a DVD that went with one of her albums. It was like the recording process of her singing some of the songs in the studio, and I'd watch that and see her perform these songs in the studio that I didn't even know about at the time. And seeing her I was like, I want to be her and I want to sing like her."

Bradbery won Season 4 of The Voice in 2013, but it took her until her most recent I Don't Believe We've Met, released at the end of 2017, for Bradbery to find her voice, and the style of music she wanted to make. Unlike her self-titled freshman record, released shortly after winning The Voice, Bradbery wrote seven of the ten songs on her recent album.

"I didn't have any experience of songwriting before," Bradbery conceded. "So going into it, I was kind of afraid and nervous – so nervous to go into my first couple of writes. Cause at first I was like, 'Oh my God, I have to open up to these people I've never met before. What are they going to think of my secrets that I'm scared to share?'

"I knew I wanted to share them because I wanted to talk about the realness and everything and be honest," she added, "but at first I was very afraid and so I would just go along with whatever."

Download Bradbery's version of "Psycho" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Danielle Bradbery / NBC / Tyler Golden