'Dancing With the Stars': Sara Evans Wants Another Shot After Withdrawing From Season 3

Sara Evans initially competed on Dancing With the Stars during the show's third season in 2006, [...]

Sara Evans initially competed on Dancing With the Stars during the show's third season in 2006, but she decided to withdraw from the competition to be with her family amid her divorce from ex-husband Craig Schelske. During an appearance on The Talk, Evans discussed her time on the competition series and shared that she would love to return, though she wasn't sure if that would be allowed.

"Dancing with the Stars was the most amazing experience of my life. Tony Dovolani was my partner and I had so much fun," Evans recalled. "I was the only mom on our season. And so, I had three babies, we all moved to Beverly Hills together, and you know, just poured my whole life into doing the show. It was so much fun."

(Photo: Getty / Adam Larkey)

"Unfortunately, I started going through a divorce in the middle of Dancing With the Stars and something traumatic happened," she continued. "We were set to go do the group dance the next day, and I was going to have to leave the kids and be gone for like 15 hours a day and I just couldn't do that. I knew that the kids needed me, so I had to quit."

"It was so sad and I really want to come back," she said. "I would love to try it again." The Talk co-host Carrie Ann Inaba, who serves as a judge on Dancing With the Stars, told Evans that she was in full support of her return. "We would love that. That would be amazing, I would love to see you finish out the season you never got to finish," she told her. "Let's see if we can make that happen maybe one day."

Evans and Schelske married in 1993 and share three children. Evans withdrew from Dancing With the Stars on the same day she filed for divorce, accusing Schelske of verbal and emotional abuse, keeping pornographic photos of himself and "several photographs showing the defendant having sex with other women," "frequently" watching pornography on family computers, including on instance when the couple's oldest child "confronted [Schelske] at the parties' residence… when he was watching pornographic material on the television," threatened her and "continually interferes with [Evans'] possession of and parenting time" with their children."

The divorce was made official in 2007 and in 2008, Evans married current husband Jay Barker. "It was hard for me to believe he was real and that he loves me the way he loves me," Evans previously told PEOPLE. "I thank God many times a day for bringing me Jay."