'Dancing With the Stars' Alum John Schneider Speaks Out After Property Seizure

Dancing With the Stars alum John Schneider is speaking out after losing his Louisiana estate in an auction last week, due to his inability to pay his mortgage. While the 58-year-old hoped to raise enough money to keep his home, he is still pleased with the outcome.

"Okay all," Schneider shared on Facebook. "Here’s all I can say. Thanks to your kindness, prayers and support of the studio store and, I believe God sending a true good Samaritan, I have been able to work out an arrangement with the new owner and do not have to move. Not now... not in two years... ever. All plans for the Extravaganza, concerts, Yee Haa etc are still in place. Yee Haa! I’ll keep you posted."

Schneider owned 57 acres, which included not only his house, but a music studio, movie studio and more. According to WBRZ news station, Paul Ferachi, a local businessman purchased the estate for $385,000.

"I can't help but feel a bit like a failure... I just basically lost something I've been dreaming about since I was 8. However, I do believe there are good people," Schneider said at the time. "I came to Louisiana for a good reason, and it's because of the people of Louisiana."

It was Ferachi who suggested he could work something out with Schneider, giving the Dukes of Hazzard star a glimmer of hope only minutes after his property was sold.

"I'm excited that we're talking," Schneider said, referring to Ferachi. "I had no idea if I'd be talking or packing. Talking is better than packing."

Schneider has certainly had his fair share of troubles over the year, including two floods that destroyed his property, and lengthy divorce proceedings with his former wife, Elvira, which resulted in unpaid alimony and a short time in jail. But through it all, the singer has remained optimistic.

"This dream is a dream I am not going to give up on," he vowed. "I've had it since I was eight years old, and I’m going to continue having it until the day I achieve it or the day I die... Come hell or high water — and believe me, we've been through both — we are going to get through this or die trying."


Schneider has a busy performance schedule over the next few months, including an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry. Find dates by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/David Livingston