'Dancing With the Stars': Bobby Bones Admits He Is Nervous for Lauren Alaina (Exclusive)

Dancing With the Stars reigning champion Bobby Bones convinced current contestant Lauren Alaina to appear on the reality TV talent show, where she will compete for the third week on Monday, Sept. 30. While Bones encouraged Alaina to appear on DWTS, because of both her personality and athleticism, he admits he is nervous each week about how well she will dance.

"I get nervous for Lauren, because I feel responsible that she has a good time," Bones told PopCulture.com. "You know how if you take somebody to a movie, and you go 'This movie's great! Let's go to the theater and watch it,' and the whole time it's hard to enjoy the movie because you're like, 'I hope they're enjoying it.' I feel like that with Lauren Alaina because she performed on last season, and I said 'Lauren you gotta do this show. Regardless, good or bad, what you've heard about it, it's a great experience and you get to train with a professional. You get paid, you get to be on TV, my social media was flying.'

"I didn't think I was gonna win at that point," he continued. "I didn't know, but I was like, 'You gotta do this show.' So after I won, I just stayed on her. Lauren and I are close and I stayed on her, and then finally she was like, 'I think I'm gonna do it.' And so, when she finally committed I was like, 'I will be there, I will go to the first episode. I'm gonna go to the last episode and anytime you need me you call me, which, by the way, she does.'"

Bones, who admitted he took Xanax sometimes to help his anxiety before he took the dance floor, posted a humorous tweet last week of him watching Dancing With the Stars while holding his Mirrorball Trophy. The tweet was meant in jest, even though he knows plenty of people were upset about his unexpected win.

"I've kind of moved off of talking about it all the time, but people are still, every time the show comes on, just full of venom," Bones reflected. "It's the first night I had ever watched the show from my house in my life. I'd either been on the show, or I was at the premiere [the first] week, and so I wanted to watch Lauren Alaina, who I talk to every day, 'cause she's going through the process, and she's always like, 'What do I do?'

"And so they would not stop with the ... everybody's being douches, and so I took my Mirrorball, I took a picture of it in my bed and I was like 'This is how I watch,'" he added. "I put my top hat on from the finale, like 'This is how I watch it.' It's pretty fun. I get nervous to watch Lauren dance."

Bones feels confident that Alaina will do well on the show, even though she previously admitted she wasn't a great dancer.

"She's actually better than I [was]," Bones boasted. "She's pretty athletic. She's never danced before but she's catching it a lot quicker than I did. I still haven't caught it. I'm still waiting for it, but I think she has a chance to win. "It's her, Hannah [Brown], and [James] Van Der Beek, who I think are really the three to beat. It'll be interesting to see."

After Bones' controversial win, he vowed to never step onto the dance floor again, but he might change his mind, only for Alaina.

"That was a nice little chapter of my life," Bones said. "If they called and said 'Hey, we're doing trio week,' and Lauren's like, 'I would just really like for you to do it,' I would consider it only if it were Lauren. Just to go do it, I'm good. I'm tapped out."

"I don't even know if they're doing trio week," he continued. "But if she called and said, 'Please do it with me,' I would consider it, but just to go do it? No. I'm danced out."


Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty images / David Becker