Dan + Shay Share Inspiration Behind 'Speechless'

Dan + Shay are climbing up the charts with their latest single, 'Speechless.' The song, written by [...]

Dan + Shay are climbing up the charts with their latest single, "Speechless." The song, written by duo members Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, along with Jordan Reynolds and Laura Veltz, was inspired by Smyers' and Mooney's own spouses.

"Speechless is definitely inspired by our wives," Mooney shares. "It's very cool to release songs that are not only stories of our lives but also very personal experiences. Seeing our wives for the first time in their wedding dresses was absolutely unforgettable and we talked about that while writing the song and bringing that moment to life in this song."

The video shows both of the men in their actual weddings. Smyers married Abby Law in May of 2017, while Mooney tied the knot with Hannah Billingsley last October.

"Speechless" follows "Tequila," the debut single from their eponymous third studio album. "Tequila" not only became a No. 1 hit at country, but also marked the pair's first hit at pop radio. The song, like "Speechless," was also inspired by their personal lives.

"We did like 200 shows last year or something," Smyers recalls. "And all us band guys, we're like, 'We should try to not drink ten beers tonight, cut some calories."

After deciding to eliminate beer, Dan + Shay first tried vodka before settling on tequila as their band drink.

"It's cool," Smyers says. "Gives us a little burst of energy before we go on stage. We'll do a celebratory little shot and sip on it all around stage. It naturally became our drink of choice with the Dan + Shay band and crew. And it's been a part of our lives."

Still, when Smyers sat down with Jordan Reynolds and Nicolle Galyon to write, he didn't necessarily plan on penning a toast to their favorite alcohol.

"We were in the writing room and our buddy Jordan Reynolds, who we write a lot of songs with, and he brought up that title, that idea," Smyers says. "He said, 'What about a song called 'Tequila?' And at first we were all like, 'That would be cool.' It's symbolic of partying and having a good time and us being on stage and late nights and positivity. But then we thought, 'Let's try for a second to spin it and go the other way, and your senses like smell and taste and things like that are triggers for nostalgia and that was one thing specifically.'"

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Davis