Country Singer Kalie Shorr Says She Has Coronavirus

Country singer Kalie Shorr has revealed that she has contracted COVID-19, sharing the news with fans on Twitter on Monday. "Despite being quarantined (except for a handful of trips for groceries) for three weeks, I managed to contract COVID 19," she tweeted.

"I'm feeling significantly better, but it's proof how dangerous and contagious this is. It's endlessly frustrating to see people not taking this seriously." Shorr also gave fans details on her condition, writing, "The first few days were absolutely miserable. I've never felt like that before. My entire body was in pain, and my fever was like riding a wave. I completely lost my sense of taste and smell."

After revealing the news, Shorr shared with her fans that she had some "good news coming," revealing that she is releasing a new song on Friday. She was then criticized by someone who wrote that they were "almost positive" Shorr made her diagnosis up to promote the song, prompting Shorr to respond.

"I was at my worst a week ago, the test results finally came in today. I was speaking past tense," she wrote. "Also- you think corona gives a shit when my song comes out? Trust me, I'm irritated too. This is so rude to insinuate I would do something that insane. Go crawl back in your hole."

"There is 0% chance of me taking the high road with twitter trolls when I am trapped in my house with no other drama on the horizon," she added in a second tweet. "Sometimes the New England just needs to come out, you know?"

Along with her diagnosis, Shorr also tweeted on Monday that she had decided to experiment with her hair color during her quarantine, which she quickly regretted.

"impulsively dying my hair purple during quarantine was all fun and games until my agent asked me to do a self tape for a really big movie and now I have... purple hair," she wrote.

The 25-year-old had previously spoken to Billboard about how she is handling the temporary shutdown of the concert industry sparked by the coronavirus. To connect with her fans off the road, Shorr used for March 22 livestream that she titled, The Social Distancing Tour Part 1.


"You never know how much money you'll make, but, like, $500 here and there, that can go a really long way when you're struggling to adapt to this new landscape that we don't know how long is going to last," she said, adding, "It's so rare that everyone on the planet is feeling a similar emotion, so it's kind of unifying in a way. But I don't want to go too far into the positive because it's really kind of heavy."

Photo Credit: Getty / Mickey Bernal