Country Singer and Daughter Were Hospitalized After 'Serious Car Accident' in Australia

Australian singer-songwriter Casey Barnes revealed that he and his daughter were in a "scary" car wreck.

Country singer Casey Barnes has revealed that he and his daughter were hospitalized after a "serious car accident" in Australia. In a post on Instagram, Barnes shared some photos from the aftermath of the accident, and down in the caption he recalled the terrifying incident.

"Just being transparent to let you guys know myself and my daughter Charli were involved in a pretty serious car accident last night," Barnes wrote in a post on Feb. 8. "We were on our way home, stopped at a set of lights and an uninsured driver in a 4WD cannoned into the back of us doing 70km/hr... which then slammed us into the car in front of us. We were both taken to hospital and feeling pretty sore and sorry for ourselves today with concussion, a few cuts and bruises and some pretty nasty whiplash but thankfully able to walk away to tell the story."

"My Jeep on the other hand looks like it'll be a total write off," Barnes went on to share. "Definitely one of the more scary things to happen to me, especially when you're a father and one of your children is involved. Grateful to the ambos, and police for looking after us so well. Please be safe out there on the roads." Finally, he quipped, "And if Toyota or Ford are looking to sponsor our upcoming tour, we might be on the hunt for some transport."

Barnes is an award-winning country artist with multiple chart-topping singles under his belt. His newest single, "Mayday," was released in the wake of his car accident, and ahead of upcoming performances at the Stagecoach Festival in California and CMA Fest in Nashville later this summer.