Rising Country Star Filmore Discusses Meaning Behind Debut Album 'State I'm In' (Exclusive)

Fans of country music star Filmore, who's full name is Tyler Filmore, relate the artist to fellow [...]

Fans of country music star Filmore, who's full name is Tyler Filmore, relate the artist to fellow country artist Sam Hunt. However, while he finds it to be a complement, Filmore is making a massive name for himself as of recent years and his debut is about to add jet fuel to his career. The musician, who recently got engaged to fiancé Paige Korte, is ready to drop his first album titled State I'm In and says there's more meaning to it than what may meet the eye. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com for our PopCulture @ Home series, Filmore explains why certain songs came out as singles before being put into this album and how fans can understand the meaning behind each track.

"I've had this album, [I've] just been waiting to put it out, waiting for the right time," he explained. "Apparently, quarantine has become the right time. I just can't wait any longer. And so I'm so excited to have everyone hear it, front to back, and understand the story, and why some of these songs that have come out as singles before are attached to this album, and what it actually means to me."

While there's a mix of stories to tell through each track and lyrics that explain a different part of his journey, Filmore went above and beyond to give fans a little something extra. Not only will this be his first album, but the title of it means more than just emotions, there will be a unique way for his fans to learn and understand where the song was written and what the meaning behind it is. "It's not only state of mind, but it's also like locational," he started.

"So the best example I can give to kinda explain what this album truly means to me, is, first off, I want you to listen to it front to back. Second off, there's coordinates for every song, and it's also on the album cover, and there'll be these coordinates that attach themselves to each one of the songs. When you listen, you can look up the coordinate and you can learn the place that I wrote it about, and there's a story behind why it's about that locational spot."

Filmore's album State I'm In will debut on Friday and is eager for fans to listen. While this is an incredibly exciting moment for him, in October, he also plans to say "I do" to his fiancé in a sweet ceremony after recently getting engaged in quarantine. "I'm getting married October 20th! [...] I got engaged in quarantine and then my whole thing was like, if we wait until next year to get married, I don't know like how this pandemic pans out, and like, when we can tour again [...] we were totally both fine with just eloping but we're doing a very small, 25-person wedding — just close friends and family, immediate family, in her parents' backyard in Charleston, like, on a beach in Charleston, South Carolina."

He added that he never thought he'd be the guy to get married or be engaged, but gushed over Korte and says he's more than ready to walk down the aisle. The two will take his tour bus there and enjoy the private gathering being surrounded with love. For more on Filmore and your other favorite country music artist, keep it locked in at PopCulture.com.