Cole Swindell Waited for Years to Join Thomas Rhett on Tour

It's going to be a good summer, at least if you're Cole Swindell. The "Love You Too Late" singer is hitting the road this summer with Thomas Rhett and HARDY, on Rhett's The Center Point Road Tour, which is something Swindell and Rhett have been dreaming up for a long, long time.

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"Me and [Thomas Rhett] talked about touring together years ago," Swindell wrote on social media. "I always hoped we could find a way to make it happen someday! It's official now.. can't wait to throw down on the [The Center Point Road Tour] with TR & [Hardy]. Gonna be a damn good summer."

Swindell's latest album, All of It, was released in 2018, which means he is likely working on a new record. While the 35-year-old may not need to write all of the songs on the project, writing is an important part of the process, at least for him.

"I just try to write the songs or I just record what I love," Swindell told "I want to feel it ... I've had a lot of fun songs, and every now and then you gotta put something out that people, it may make 'em shed a tear, but it's real and that's why I love country music — it's real feelings, it's real people and that's what it's about and I'm glad that I'm in this genre. I get to be around people that love music."

Swindell spent part of 2019 on the road with Luke Bryan, on Bryan's Sunset Repeat Tour, where he learned plenty from his tour boss. But the thing Bryan taught him the most happened long before they hit the road together, when Swindell reached out to Bryan early in his own career for songwriting advice, with Bryan replying with one word: live.

"At the time I thought he was being kind of sarcastic, but it's the best advice he's ever given me," Swindell recalled via Taste of Country. "All he wrote back on advice for songwriting was he just wrote: 'Live.' It kind of took me off guard like 'That wasn't really what I was looking for' but looking back, it's the best advice he's ever given me."

This won't be Swindell's first run with HARDY. Swindell will launch his Down to Earth Tour in March, with HARDY and newcomer Trea Landon joining him on the road.


Rhett's Center Point Road Tour will kick off in May, after Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, gives birth to their third daughter. The Center Point Road Tour is currently scheduled to wrap up in August. Find a complete list of tour dates at

Photo Credit: Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer