Cole Swindell Reveals Details of His Upcoming Third Album

Cole Swindell's current single, "Break Up in the End," is the first one from his upcoming third studio album. Although Swindell hasn't revealed a title or release date, he has given a few key details, including some of his favorite tracks on his new set of tunes.

"One is so special to me," Swindell recently shared with and other media outlets. "I wrote it with Ashley Gorley and Jesse Fraser, it's called 'The Ones who Got Me Here,' and it's my favorite thing I've written since 'You Should be Here.' No doubt. Because it's not just about one person. It's about everybody. I think we're all gonna be able to relate to it no matter what your profession is. If we're in this room, we're doing pretty good for ourselves to be doing what we love and I think a lot of people are gonna relate to that.

"There's another one called, 'Dad's Old Number,' which was written with me in mind and it's gonna be a great song. Like I said, we still have to narrow down what we recorded into 11 or 12. I hope we get 12 because it's already gonna be hard to narrow those down. It's just like trying to pick the best song wins so I'm excited. Hopefully those two make the final cut cause their two of my favorites."

It's been four years since Swindell released his self-titled freshman record, which included No. 1 songs like "Chillin' It" and "Ain't Worth the Whiskey." But now that he's working on his third record, and has had seven No. 1 hits, the 34-year-old says he is willing to take a few more risks with his records, both with songs he writes and songs written by other writers..

"I've lived a little longer now and been through things and been able to record songs that I wish I had written," he says. "I've learned that it's OK to have song that isn't a party song or an up-tempo song. Now that I have people's attention, I can release songs like 'You Should be Here' and 'Break Up in the End,' and show people that there's a different side [of me].

"The people that know me best know that, that's me," he continues. "But I know now that the best song wins and that's just the approach I've always tried to take. I feel like we've got better songs on this album. Like I said from 'Ain't Worth the Whiskey' to 'Break Up in the End,' I think that's the growth. That kind of song to that kind of song. And you're just thankful you get the songs you get and the ones you write. And that's been my approach."

"Break Up in the End" is currently in the Top 15 and climbing. Download the single on iTunes.


Swindell is currently headlining his Reason to Drink Tour, with Chris Janson and Lauren Alaina serving as his opening acts. Dates can be found on his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ColeSwindell