Cole Swindell, Dustin Lynch Kick Off Reason to Drink ... Another Tour

Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch's Reason to Drink ... Another Tour kicks off on Thursday, Oct. 4, [...]

Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch's Reason to Drink ... Another Tour kicks off on Thursday, Oct. 4, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The trek, which includes Lauren Alaina as the opening act, is a way for the two friends to show how far they have come, both as artists and as musicians.

"This is a dream line-up for me being a headliner," Swindell shared with and other media. "Me and Dustin doing this thing together, having Lauren, it's going to be big."

Lynch, who has opened for artists like Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan, as well as headlined his own tours, is excited to take the Reason to Drink ... Another Tour to a new level.

"We've had enough success now to take enough toys out there with us," Lynch said. "So, we're doing a lot of fun stuff with production and I'm excited to really explore putting together some – I don't even know how to describe it but some moments in a show that people talk about and kind of remember about the show. Whether it's what we cover, or how we arrange songs. I think arranging a show is what I love because we really do kind of try to capture the audience in our palm and take 'em on this ride."

"Bring 'em up, drop 'em down, throw 'em around, get 'em dancing, get 'em making out, whatever it is," he continued. "So, that's really what I look forward to, choreographing that, arranging that. It takes a long time, it takes a lot to plan. But you know, it's what we love to do. We could stand up there and just play the record, be fine, but I like taking people for a ride."

Swindell just released his third studio album, All of It, and promises to play some of the songs from his latest record on tour, along with plenty of his previous hits.

"I look forward to getting to play new songs on the tour but I still gotta sing the songs that got me here," Swindell said. "We'll mix in some of the new album as well ...You can play all these songs live and some of them go over a lot better or something you need to work on. Some of them are just, in the studio you get time and time again to get them perfect, and some songs are tough to pull off live, so we're going see which ones go over."

Lynch will spend part of next year as an opening act again, joining Thomas Rhett on the Canadian leg of his Life Changes Tour.

"It's exciting for me," Lynch said. "We've been up there a few times, but we haven't done really any extensive touring up there and the fans are just awesome. They're really passionate about country music so I'm excited and do a legit run of shows. It'll be exciting just to go do that because it's new for me. It's not like we've played there three times already and I know what the backstage locker room looks like. It'll be some exciting new sights and definitely a lot of faces we've never seen before."

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