Cole Swindell's 'Break Up in the End' Recalls His Personal Heartbreak

Cole Swindell didn't write his latest single, 'Break Up in the End,' but he could have. The song, [...]

Cole Swindell didn't write his latest single, "Break Up in the End," but he could have. The song, written by Jon Nite, Chase McGill, Jessie Jo Dillon, details a break-up that Swindell reveals happened to him years ago – but still stings.

"From when I was in college to now, I've dated people," Swindell told ABC News Radio. "But, you know, there is one in particular — and who knows how it really will end? — Yeah, there's one that I think of when I hear this song, and I don't like saying names or being too specific, but I think they would feel the same when they heard it."

The song says, in part, "Even if I knew you'd be the one that got away / I'd still go back and get you / Even if I knew you'd be my best and worst mistake / Oh, I'd still make it with you / Over and over, again and again / Even though we break up in the end."

Although it seems to be about a break-up, the Georgia native holds out hope that the pretend couple in the song would reunite in real life.

"It says 'I'd do it over and over again and again.' So maybe it's never over. Maybe they work it out," he countered. "That's the beauty of songs. You leave them wondering. Like, it does say you break up, but do they? Do they get back together? You don't really know. It's just the end of the song, not the end of the story. So that's a cool thing of it."

"Break Up in the End" is from Swindell's recent All of It album, and reminds him why he is so passionate about what he does.

"Songs like this are the reason I initially fell in love with country music," he explained, via The Boot. "The first time I heard it, I knew I had to record it – that, and I wish I had written it. I did write some on this album, but it's hard when you're on tour; back when I was a writer only, I wrote every single day. I knew going into this album that, hopefully, after the success we've had, we were going to be able to get our hands on some songs that, beforehand, we wouldn't have had a shot at.

"So while it was tough to see some of my songs not make the album, I am also really aware of how great the songwriters are in this town," he added. "Being able to rely on them is awesome."

"Break Up in the End" became Swindell's eighth chart-topping single. Download the song on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond