Chris Young 'Absolutely Gutted' by Charlie Daniels' Death

Country singers everywhere have been paying tribute to Charlie Daniels, who reportedly passed away at the age of 83 after experiencing a hemorrhagic stroke. Chris Young is one of the latest musicians who has taken to social media in order to pen a tribute to the late entertainer. On Twitter, Young shared that he was "gutted" to hear that Daniels had passed away.

Young posted a throwback photo of himself posing with Daniels to go alongside his written tribute to him. He wrote that he was torn up over the news that the "Devil Went Down to Georgia" singer had died. He went on to share that Daniels had much to be proud of and that he lived a great life. Young added that Daniels was an "incredible human being" who will be dearly missed by those who knew him. Judging by the fact that Daniels' death has hit many hard, Young is correct in writing that he will be "sorely missed" by fans and the country music community alike.

Of course, Young wasn't the only country crooner who took to social media to express their feelings regarding Daniels' passing. Fellow country singers Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, and Tim McGraw have all issued tributes to Daniels. John Rich also released a statement in light of the news in which he described exactly why many will Daniels will be missed by so many. He not only expressed what a "great human being" the singer was, but he also explained that his influence extended far beyond the scope of country music.


"Daniels showed the rest of us what it means to be a great human being," Rich said in a statement on Monday. "He found redemption, then lived a life devoted to serving God, his family, and fellow countrymen. He was much more than his music. He was kind and strong and had a powerful soul that will be sorely missed here on earth, but no doubt has received eternal glory in Heaven. We will always love and miss him forever. God bless you, Mr. Charlie."