Charlie Daniels Shares His True Beliefs in 'Let's All Make the Days Count' Book

Charlie Daniels just released his latest book, Let's All Make the Day Count: The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels. The inspirational book was a way for Daniels to expound on the the motivational messages he shares daily on social media.

"I did a book, my biography," Daniels told, speaking of his 2017 memoir, Never Look at the Empty Seats. "They wanted what they call a gift book, a smaller book with inspirational things in it. And I do a feature on my Twitter and Facebook page every day called 'Let's All Make the Day Count.' I may say something like, 'If you can't get what you want, take what you can get, and make what you want out of it,' or something like that. 'Let's all make the day count.' And they wanted kind of an inspirational sort of book, so I thought that would be a good one."

"I do a Bible verse," he continued. "I do a saying like that and write a piece in there about maybe an experience of mine or an experience of somebody else's or my philosophy of how to treat people, different life lessons and that sort of thing."

Let's All Make the Day Count was quite the undertaking for Daniels, but for the country music icon, it became a way for him to write down exactly what was on his heart.

"It really didn't take that long once I got started," he insisted. "And of course I did a kind of a rough and sent it in. They said, 'Well, you need to do this, this and this.' So I got it back. And when I got serious on it it didn't take me very long at all. It was some of the stuff that I had dealt with a lot before I just put it in different words, because I write."

"I do a lot of writing anymore," he added. "I write quite a bit. I'm always writing. I do a column a week on our website, and I'm constantly writing something. So I just revisited a whole bunch of the old philosophies of mine, that sort of thing, and put them together."

The 82-year-old has spent almost his entire adult life making music, but he isn't willing to take all the credit for his own success.

"I've learned that every blessing that I've ever had, that all the good things that ever happened to me were given to me by God," the Country Music Hall of Fame member announced. "My health, the fact that I've lived to be 82 years old, the fact that I'm leaving town tonight to go and play music on the road for people, that people are still willing to buy tickets and records and that sort of thing, and that I have all kinds of new projects I want to do, and that I am excited about life. And He's given me the health and the mental capacity and the talent to do something that I love doing for a living for 60 years."

Let's All Make the Day Count became Daniels' way to be transparent with what he believes, and to share beyond just his social media followers.

"I think everybody should be [honest]," Daniels maintained. "What do we have besides our honesty? You know, the problem has gotten to be anymore in every walk of life, basically, entertainment, politics, national life of people ... just life in general. It's what we perceive them to be, not what they really are. It's like, people put up these fronts, these facades."

"They go, 'I am this,' and they're not," he remarked. "And they say things that they want to please as many people as they can. You've got to hurt some feelings once in a while – not hurt feelings, but disagree with people once in a while. And if everybody would do that and be honest about what they feel ... If we'd all do that, if we all express our opinion, express it honestly and often, it would be a lot different world because we see people, because there are people out there that take certain people's opinion and they value it."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/John Lamparski