Charlie Daniels Reflects on 'Honest' New Album, 'Beau Weevils - Songs in the Key of E'

Charlie Daniels just released Beau Weevils – Songs in the Key of E, a ten-track record which partnered Daniels with legendary producer James Stroud, whose numerous credits include Reba McEntire, Toby Keith, Martina McBride, Willie Nelson and more, along with several of Daniels' own projects.

"James cut the most successful country records we ever did," Daniels told "We had so much fun at his studio. It was a joy to do work with him. And we always wanted to do something together, but we had no vehicle to do it. We had no music.

"So I finally started. I started writing a song called 'Mudcat,'" he continued. "And I just kept writing music in that vein until I had enough songs to go and do an album. And we got together and did it. It's the most honest, straightforward, unadorned album that I've think I've probably ever done. And it was so much fun to do it. I am very happy with it."

Stroud was thrilled to return to the studio with Daniels, both as a musician and producer.

"Charlie and I have been talking about working together since we used to work together," Stroud told "He said, 'I think I've written a couple of songs. Do you want to play drums and co-produce it?' I said, 'Absolutely. I'm in.'"

"It's just an innocent album," added Stroud. "It's full of honesty. There's no loops. It's nothing electronic. It's all just a bunch of guys playing like we used to play."

Beau Weevils caused the 82-year-old to do something he had never done before, a testament to the beauty of the record.

"I don't usually listen," Daniels noted. "When I finish with something, I'm on to something else. I listen to it a time or two and then I'm doing something else. This album I've listened to a whole bunch. I love it."

Daniels also just released an inspirational book, Let's All Make the Days Count: The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels, but is already working on another one, which draws on his own life experiences in a fictitious tale.

"I'm writing a novel this time," Daniels revealed. "It'll be out sometime next year. I'm not quite finished doing it yet. But it's been in the works for a long time. I've written a lot on it. The great thing about writing fiction, you go anywhere with it you want to. I mean, be just as outlandish or just as whatever you want to do. This is a story that is to some extent autobiographical but that most of it's just totally made up."


Purchase Beau Weevils – Songs in the Key of E at his official website.