Carrie Underwood on Touring With Two Children: 'It's Gonna Be Hard'

When Carrie Underwood launched her Storyteller Tour in 2016, Isaiah wasn't quite a year old. When [...]

When Carrie Underwood launched her Storyteller Tour in 2016, Isaiah wasn't quite a year old. When she begins hare upcoming Cry Pretty Tour 360, she'll have a four-year-old and a baby – and she knows it will be anything but easy.

"It'll just all happen at once. I went on tour with Isaiah when he was eleven months old," Underwood shares with at a recent media event. "He was right there when we had our first show. And it was really hard. Obviously, I have help when I'm out there. Somebody's gotta watch my kid when I'm out on stage.

"But I'm really bad at utilizing that, which I think is good, too," she confesses. "Nobody ever got up with my kid in the middle of the night but me. And I'm proud of that."

With her previous tour, the American Idol alum got used to little sleep, which she knows will happen again with the new trek.

"I would get off stage and not be tired, because of the lights and noise and whatever. Finally go to bed at 1:00, he's waking up at 3:00 or 4:00. And then I'm trying to wake up early, so I can get some sort of workout in, so I can try to take care of myself. And I was tired. It was hard. And it's gonna be really hard again."

Not that Underwood is looking for sympathy. While her job might seem more glamorous than others, she insists she isn't different than any other working parent.

"That's just what moms do," adds the singer. "I don't care if you're me, and you're on tour or whatever, or if you're a teacher, or you're a stay-at-home mom, or you're doing whatever you're doing. You figure out how to juggle. And I'm just gonna figure out how to juggle."

For now, the 35-year-old is cherishing her time with Isaiah, who is only beginning to understand what his mother does for a living.

"I see his face analyzing me when I get dressed up," Underwood says. "He is like, 'This is different.' Because he usually sees me just normal, in my yoga pants, dropping him off at school, or whatever. And at the end of the day, today when all of this is done, I'm gonna go home and make dinner. That's what he sees more than anything."

Earlier this year, the three-year-old got to see his mother perform on stage for the first time, thanks to an earlier show time.

"He saw me playing when we were in Atlantic City," Underwood recounts. "The show was earlier, like at 8:00. He's never awake. He only made it through four or five songs. But about a week later, we're sitting in front of the TV, and whatever cartoon we were watching, one of the characters was up on stage. And they were singing. And he turns around. And it's like it reminded him.

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"And he was like, 'Mommy, you were so good this last weekend,'" she continues with a laugh. "Because everything is 'this last weekend.' 'You were so good this last weekend when you were singing on the stage.' I said, 'Thank you, baby.' He was just like, 'I forgot to tell her she did a good job!' And it was really sweet. He probably thinks it's just normal."

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