Carrie Underwood Becomes Spokesperson for Choose Kindness Campaign

Carrie Underwood is lending her name, and her talents to a new anti-bullying campaign, Choose [...]

Carrie Underwood is lending her name, and her talents to a new anti-bullying campaign, Choose Kindness. The singer, along with her good friend, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, are partnering with the Disney/ABC initiative to release public service announcements inviting fans to end negativity, celebrate differences, support love and choose kindness. The campaign is part of National Bullying Prevention Month, held every October.

Underwood shared her thoughts in a video, which is currently airing on the Disney Channel.

"It's time to stop the hate, and spread some love," Underwood encouraged. "You are beautiful. You are smart. You are awesome. And you never have to change for anybody. You have the voice, and you have the power. We are so much stronger when we come together. It's your choice, so choose to be inspired. Choose to be accepting. Be strong. Be brave. Be awesome. Be daring. Be kind. Choose kindness."

Underwood is also using her current "Love Wins" single as part of the campaign — a fitting track since the Choose Kindness campaign perfectly aligns with the message Underwood and her "Love Wins" co-writers Brett James and David Garcia were trying to convey.

"We weren't trying to speak negatively about our world, because we live in an amazing world, but I feel like we get really caught up in surface things and I feel like in this world, we're quick to get angry at each other," Underwood shared with at a recent media event. "I personally think that we're all different for a reason. I feel like if you just sit down and talk to somebody who's not like you and keep it calm, we can all learn from each other."

"Above all, we want people to feel hopeful," she continued. "I want to make sure people see this for what it is and what we're trying to say."

"Love Wins" is from Underwood's recent Cry Pretty album, which the 35-year-old says is her most personal record so far.

"I just wanted to be completely creative to see what would happen," she said. "I feel like some themes that kind of weave their way through the entire album are ones that are just very real and very much about life and very sincere and emotional and soulful. Of course, we have some fun songs on there too, but there's a lot of me on this album. I think when people listen to it, they'll definitely hear that."

Download "Love Wins" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeff Kravitz