Carrie Underwood Gets 'Extra Special' Help From Son Isaiah in New Photo Amid Tour Rehearsals

Carrie Underwood is currently on the road for her Cry Pretty Tour 360, with the singer stopping in Hershey, Pennsylvania on June 13.

Ahead of the show, Underwood headed to her soundcheck, where she had a little help from her 4-year-old son, Isaiah. The proud mom used Instagram to share a photo of her firstborn on stage holding a microphone as Underwood looked on.

"Had some extra special help with sound check today, so tonight's show is bound to sound amazing!!!" she wrote.

(Photo: Instagram / @carrieunderwood)

Underwood is joined on tour by both her sons, Isaiah and 4-month-old Jacob, something she admitted backstage during CMA Fest in Nashville last week is not the easiest task.

"I must be a duck, like, calm on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath," she said. "It's definitely a different ballgame because he's so much younger than Isaiah was when I took him on the road. There's a huge difference between four months and 11 months. You know, I wasn't feeding Isaiah in the middle of the night."

The Oklahoma native previously took Isaiah along on her Storyteller Tour in 2016, though her son was over a year old by that time. Since Jacob is just an infant, things are a bit different this time around.

"It's like he knows when I have a really morning or a ton of stuff to do the next day, because that's the night that he's going to be up like four or five times. Like last night," Underwood joked of her younger son. "But, it's great that I have the kind of job where I can bring my kids with me. They're around, and when I have to step away and go 'Mommy has to go work,' there's a great support unit around me that, they got it, and then when I'm done I come back and we do our best to make things as normal as possible and try to stick to some sort of schedule. I mean, this is our life, and I'm lucky that they get to be around."

The star recently reflected on the difficulties of balancing motherhood and her career while on tour in an Instagram post of herself posing next to her tour's complex stage.


"Throwing it back to the first time I saw our stage for the #CryPrettyTour360," she wrote. "This tour is everything I could've ever hoped for and more! I am so proud of what we've all been able to accomplish...and we're just getting started! I also have to say how proud I am of my family for coming together and making it all work! Having a 4 year old and a 4 month old out on the road is not easy, but it's beyond worth it! I am so blessed that I get to be a road warrior AND a mom simultaneously! #RoadLife #TBT #Blessed #MomsCanDoAnything."

(Photo: Instagram / @carrieunderwood)

Photo Credit: Getty / Michael Tran