Carrie Underwood Reveals the Quarantine Moment She Realized Her Marriage Was 'Solid'

Carrie Underwood realized her marriage with former NHL player Mike Fisher was "solid" during an adorable moment early on in the coronavirus quarantine. One night, Fisher told Underwood he likes her, which seemed confusing at first since they have already been married for 10 years and have two sons, Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, 1. It was an important moment, though, as Fisher explained the quarantine helped him understand how important Underwood is in his life.

"He kind of summed it up one night," Underwood recalled in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment last week. A couple of months into the pandemic, Fisher told Underwood, "You know what? I like you." Underwood was confused at first. "He was like: 'I know I love you — we've been married 10 years this year and have two kids together... but this experience has shown me I like you, too." Underwood called it "such a nice moment," and she quickly told him, "I like you, too."

The pandemic has not been without challenges, Underwood admitted. "We’re not meant to be all together, all day, every day. At no other time in history has it been like this. There’s always been somebody working, somebody taking care of the kids, the kids going to school," Underwood said. "No time in our humanness have we just all been together all day, every day." Nevertheless, it was "nice and refreshing" to lean the two are "solid," she told Yahoo. "We like each other. We love each other. We can do this. We can work together even through the craziest of times."

Underwood has been very busy during the pandemic professionally, too. She recorded her Christmas album My Gift and is now working on the accompanying Christmas special. Her athleisure line CALIA now has pop-up stores in Austin, Texas, Santa Monica, California, and Nashville, Tennessee through the end of the year. Plus, her new fitness app fit52 is up and running. The "Cry Pretty" singer has also made sure to take time out for herself to work out, although sometimes she gets "mom-guilt."


"Sometimes I find myself in the gym just being worried my house is imploding or something," she said. "I tell myself: No, this is better for me because I'm going to be in a better mood for the rest of the day because I’ve done this for myself." It makes her feel better when she realizes that working out has long-term benefits for herself and her children. "Everybody benefits from me taking 30 minutes to an hour to work out in the morning," she said.

Underwood and Fisher celebrated their 10th anniversary in July. The American Idol winner marked the occasion by sharing childhood photos of the couple, along with a note to their younger selves. "Believe it or not, someday you both will become (slightly) less awkward," she wrote. "You'll grow up to have pretty cool jobs; you'll meet backstage at some girl’s concert, fall in love, get married, have two amazing boys, and live happily ever after!"