Carrie Underwood Pledges Help to School Affected by California Wildfires

Carrie Underwood is pledging her support in raising money for a California school affected by the recent devastating wildfires in the state. The singer promised to help, after she saw a video by four children, directed at Underwood.

"We have been fundraising along with our whole school," one student said, with a picture of Underwood from her "Love Wins" video on a screen in the background. "Can you help donate? ... We have a goal of sending $5000 to the people who have lost so much."

"We are reaching out to you because we are your biggest fans," said another child. "Thank you for listening to this video. We really appreciate it."

The four young girls then sang part of "Love Wins," explaining why the song was so important to them.

"It's our favorite song that you wrote," one of the students said. "We think this song relates to what we are trying to do to the people of California. Thank you for listening."

Their performance, along with their plea for help, moved Underwood, who shared the video on Twitter, along with a promise to support their worthwhile cause.

"My mom was a teacher and my 2 sisters are also teachers," Underwood said. "It's so great to see a teacher and her students making a difference in the world! Of course I'm happy to help!"

"Love Wins" is Underwood's current single, and the second song released from her latest Cry Pretty album. The song, which Underwood wrote with Brett James and David Garcia.

"This song to me, it's such a special song in a time that I think people need to be reminded to love one another," Underwood shared with and other media. "And as a Christian I'm like, 'We were told to love God and love each other. Love our neighbors as ourselves.' So I love this song, and I hope it resonates with people."

Underwood will have plenty of opportunities to perform "Love Wins," and all of her other hits, when she launches her Cry Pretty Tour 360 in May. Before the tour begins, the Oklahoma native is enjoying time at home with her 3-year-old son, Isaiah, and newborn son Jacob Bryan.


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Photo Credit: Getty images / Terry Wyatt