Carrie Underwood Says Miranda Lambert's Support of Her Makes Her 'Emotional'

When Miranda Lambert expressed her support for Carrie Underwood for the CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year, fans praised Lambert for lifting up another female artist. But no one was more touched by the support than Underwood, who admits Lambert's outspoken advocacy for her has touched her deeply.

"First, I'm kind of emotional," a teary Underwood said on the Ty Bentli Show (via Nash Country Daily). "It's a nomination for all of us. It would definitely be not just a win for all of the things that we've been doing, all that stuff that [Lambert] mentioned that I'm so lucky and blessed enough to do, but you know, you watch other women in this industry do the same thing, you know, it's . . . I don't know what I'm trying to say."

As Underwood struggled to compose herself, she reflected on other female acts making their mark in country music, including her Cry Pretty Tour 360 openers Maddie & Tae and Runaway June.

"I watched Maddie & Tae and Runaway June, and I saw all of the stuff that they did every day just trying to move forward and trying to get more and more people to notice — they're so stinking talented," Underwood boasted. "They have great songs, and I'm like, 'You guys work harder than anybody I've ever been around in this business.' They did not have days off. They were out hustling. I feel like we have so much talent, we just need some more open doors, and I don't want any woman to feel like they can't do everything — they can't have this life, and have a family and have all of the things going on together and do what they do.

"We're all in it together," she continued. "If there's one incredible thing that's happened from all of this talk about women in country music, it's the fact that I feel like we've all banded together. We all understand — we're the only ones that can understand because we're women in this business. They don't know what it's like to be us. We lift each other up. We support each other. Miranda didn't have to say any of that stuff."

Lambert first spoke out about Underwood's worthiness of the Entertainer of the Year nod on social media, later opening up about why she felt so strongly that Underwood deserved the night's highest honor.

"I'm a huge fan of everyone in that category," Lambert told Fox News. "But if you think about someone who hosted the CMAs pregnant, then started an all-female tour and then had a baby and then went right back on the road three months later... She has a brand, Calia by Carrie Underwood, and it lifts up women. She does Monday Night Football. I just feel like as a whole Entertainer of the Year should be someone that entertains in all facets of music."


Photo Credit: Getty / Larry Busacca