Carrie Underwood: Maddie & Tae Reveal What They Have Learned on the Cry Pretty Tour 360

Maddie & Tae are continuing to cross the country with Carrie Underwood on her Cry Pretty Tour 360, which will wrap up on Oct. 31. The duo, made up of Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, is opening up about what they have learned from their tour boss.

"Just the professionalism on her behalf is incredible," Marlow boasted to and other media. "If she was having a bad day or a tough day, or she was tired you'd never know it. She's just so professional; when it's work time, it's work time, and she gets up there and puts on an incredible show no matter what. I want to be able to take that with me for every single tour, that we just always show up and make sure every single person in that audience feels like they got their money's worth out of the show and feels like they connected with us in some way."

Underwood employs plenty of people to keep her tour, and life, running smoothly, which has also been an educational experience for the young women.

"She runs a tight ship and I love that," Marlow said. "I think it's incredible. I think the structure that she creates on the road is so healthy and good. I just really love the way she's treated us as openers and what she's done for us and I'm definitely going to pay that forward once we get to that level one day."

Superstars of Underwood's caliber often wait until the opening beat to take the stage, but not Underwood.

"This is small, but we've always loved sound checking because it's always nice to know what you're kind of getting into if your ears work or if there's any frequency but Carrie sound checks every single day," added Dye. "She's always there, and for someone at that level I feel like it's pretty rare, especially because she has five meet and greets that she has to do and a crazy schedule, but she always makes time to sound check, and to me that just shows that the show matters to her and she cares so much that she wants it to be right and I think that's awesome."

The Cry Pretty Tour 360, which also includes Runaway June, wraps up on Oct. 31. Find a list of all of their upcoming tour dates by visiting Maddie & Tae's website.


Photo Credit: Getty images / Jason Kempin