Carrie Underwood Helps Couple With Special Reveal During Concert

Gender reveals are known for being extravagant affairs, but one couple may have just taken the cake with their star-studded reveal. As mother-to-be Sydni Ledbetter counted down the days to the arrival of her little one on the way, she recruited none other than country music superstar Carrie Underwood to reveal the sex of her baby in concert.

The gender reveal went down at Underwood's Nov. 17 show in Salt Lake City, Utah. As Ledbetter headed to the show, she brought with her the results in an envelope and a sign referencing two of Underwood's songs that read, "Carrie, help me announce my gender reveal. All-American girl or cowboy Casanova?" The plan was almost upended, though, as Ledbetter didn't realize until she got to the venue that signs weren't allowed. Per ABC4, Ledbetter said, "I was like, ah, we came too far. Like, you know, we made this cute sign. You can just throw it away. We're gonna be in the pit."

The mom-to-be managed to sneak the sign into the venue by folding it in half and hiding it in her jacket, admitting, "So, yeah, I kind of broke the rules there a little bit." However, not long after the show started, and after Ledbetter pulled the sign out and held it up, a security guard noticed. Thankfully, Underwood managed to see the sign before it was removed, and she went on to share the exciting news that Ledbetter was expecting a baby girl.

However, the concert gender reveal didn't go completely without a hitch. While Ledbetter and her husband left the Nov. 17 show ecstatic over the news that they would soon be welcoming a baby girl, they found out just a day later they would actually be welcoming a baby boy. It turns out the nurse had gotten the paperwork wrong, resulting in the mishap. Thankfully, Underwood was quick to once again step in and fix the mistake, reposting Ledbetter's video explaining the mistake and revealing she was pregnant with a boy, Underwood quipping, "Oh noooo!!! Silver lining: boys are awesome!" As she offered congratulations to the Ledbetter family, she added, "I'm glad I got to play a small role in the happy news...even if we took the hard way to get there!"


The adorable gender reveal and Underwood's willingness to help received plenty of reactions from fans. Commenting on Underwood's post about the story, one fan who was at the concert said it was "cool that she did it," with another person writing, "I was at this concert and we LOVED that you read the gender reveal. So cool!" Meanwhile, Ledbetter replied with plenty of gratitude, sharing that she and her family have "been on Cloud 9 ever since. Thank you for the most memorable moment of a lifetime. We are your BIGGEST fans. We LOVE you!"