Carrie Underwood Recalls Heart-Breaking Night Before Confirming Pregnancy

Carrie Underwood recently opened up about her three previous miscarriages. The "Love Wins" singer, who is now pregnant with her second child, recalls the heart-breaking night she thought she was about to experience her fourth miscarriage.

"Mike was away just for the evening, and I texted him, and I was like, 'I don't really want to be alone, so I'm just gonna go snuggle with Isaiah,'" Underwood recalls to CBS Sunday Morning. "And I don't know how I didn't wake him up, but I was just sobbing. And I was like, 'Why on earth do I keep getting pregnant if I can't have a kid? Like, what is this? Shut the door. Do something. Either shut the door or let me have a kid.'"

Underwood was stunned when she found out she had not miscarried, crediting her successful pregnancy to God, and her honesty in the midst of such pain.

"For the first time, I feel like I actually I told God how I felt," Underwood says. "And I feel like we're supposed to do that. That was a Saturday – and the Monday I went to the doctor to confirm another miscarriage. And they told me everything was great!

"And I was like, 'You heard me,'" she adds. "Not that He hasn't in the past. But maybe, I don't know, He heard me."

Underwood might live in Nashville, Tenn., but that's not the place she really calls home. The American Idol alum says it's her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma, where she feels most at peace.

"I feel like this is the only place that my soul can rest," admits Underwood. "When I come here, I can turn off. And there's no other place in world that's like that. And I feel like everybody's got that place. Everybody's got that home feel. But it's like, I sleep when I'm here. Like, I sleep. And I don't get that any place else."

Underwood just released her sixth studio album, Cry Pretty. The record, she says, is the most personal one she has ever recorded.

There's a lot of really personal songs on this album," Underwood shares with and other media. "2017 was just, it was a year full of ups and downs for a lot of reasons, and a lot of reasons I'm not quite ready to talk about. But, I feel like it made its way. Life, when you're writing, kind of makes its way into what you're doing. I feel like this was the first or the most that I could really inject myself into what I was writing.

"I've always been good at writing stories about other people, and not so great writing about myself," she adds. "I felt like through all the ups and down of last year and the beginning of this year, I had to. That's just what was on my mind and on my heart."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Mike Coppola