Carrie Underwood Wants to Keep Life Normal For Son, Isaiah, With Upcoming Tour

Carrie Underwood is deep in planning mode for her upcoming tour – at least when it comes to making preparations for her three-year-old son, Isaiah. The 35-year-old reveals she is already figuring out how to take her little boy on the road, especially since he was just a baby during her last Storyteller Tour in 2016.

"Touring with him last time, he was a year old, and that was difficult, because I'm not good at asking for help, with anything," Underwood revealed on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show. "So I would play with him during the day, and go do sound check, and then come back and get ready, and do the show, and then I'm up with him at 3:00 in the morning, or whatever time he was getting up. He would always end up in the bed with me. I was just terrible at asking for help, because I'm like, 'Moms are supposed to be tired, right? New moms are supposed to be tired. It's just part of it.'

"But now he's got little friends," she continued. "I want to keep his life as quote unquote normal as possible, so I'm not really sure how it's going to work quite yet. I think we'll have to do a lot of split time, like Mike [Fisher] and him be out with me, and maybe Mike go home and maybe he's with me. I don't know."

Underwood sought out plenty of advice before she hit the road with Isaiah last time, so perhaps she will reach out to some of her famous friends again to find out how to tour with a toddler.

"The last tour I was able to talk to Jennifer Nettles and Kelly Clarkson, and be like, 'What did you do? What was your bus like? Is there things that you needed? Hillary Scott was another one," Underwood recalled. "As far as bus layout and stuff like that, that was really helpful, knowing where cribs should go."

(Photo: Instagram/carrieunderwood)

Meanwhile, Underwood and Fisher will occasionally post pictures of Isaiah on social media, but Underwood is careful in what she chooses to share with the world.

"I don't want to post things that might embarrass him later," she explained. "If he decides he wants to be in the public eye when he gets older, do a job that leads him there, then that's his choice, but we're just careful."


Underwood just released "Cry Pretty," the debut single and title track of her upcoming new album. Download the song on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Instagram/carrieunderwood