Carrie Underwood's Fringe CMA Awards Dress Is Drawing a Lot of Attention

Carrie Underwood went through many wardrobe changes throughout her night of hosting the Country Music Awards, but the dress she walked out on stage wearing first set social media on fire. The 12-time CMA host opened the show wearing a short-cut orange sequin dress. She was flanked by co-hosts and country legends Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton.

"Can we talk about Carrie Underwood's dress and can I borrow it for NYE?" one fan wrote.

"The crystal encrusted dress was amazing. Carrie is always stunning and always stylish and classy but that dress was out of a Disney movie. She looked like a princess," another commented.

"Carrie Underwood is definitely the best dressed tonight! I can't get over her dress! It's so pretty!" a third said.

"My mom goes to me @carrieunderwood dress is short... if I had legs like hers I would always wear dresses like that work hard and show em off," another fan said.

This year's version of the CMAs was focused on the incredible female country artists of both past and present. In the show's opening performance, fans were treated to an all-star medley of hit songs. One of the singers who was part of it, Maren Morris, told Billboard about the opening collaboration.

"It's really what we made our record around, this theme and mentality, and us being included as the modern era of what country music is is such an honor," she said, referring to the all-female supergroup The Highwomen that she's a part of. "This performance -- with it being a celebration of women and country from decades past to present -- it really sets the tone for the rest of the night."


"Well it was kind of like a discussion," Underwood said on the Ty Bentil Show when discussing focusing the show on female artists. "What's the tone this year should take? I've always been really lucky that the CMAs have asked my opinion, and want my input. So we kind of sit down and say, 'What should it feel like? What should it be like? Is there an angle?' We started talking about doing the tribute to women. Well then, what does that mean? And talking about the dream team, the wish list, Dolly and Reba, and they said yes, so it's like, 'Here we go. Let's do this."