Carrie Underwood Opens up About 4-Year-Old Son Isaiah's Crush on Maddie & Tae's Madison Marlow

When Carrie Underwood wrapped up her Cry Pretty Tour 360, opening acts Maddie & Tae and Runaway June weren't the only ones disappointed to come off the road. Underwood's 4-year-old son was especially heartbroken, since he developed quite the crush on Maddie & Tae frontwoman, Madison Marlow.

"He definitely was very enamored with Maddie from the get-go," Underwood admitted on The Ty Bentlie Show. "He would watch her and want to be around her. But all of the ladies...I'd say Maddie was first, which is just super interesting to see. I'm like, 'Oh, you like blondes?'"

Underwood admitted she got a bit jealous of her oldest child's infatuation with Marlow, but for a surprising reason.

"Yes, but only because he'd be like, 'I wanna go watch Maddie, Maddie & Tae,'" Underwood replied when asked if she was jealous. "He'd want to go watch their show, and then he'd watch me sing two songs and be like, 'I'm good.'"

Isaiah might have been especially fond of Marlow, but he enjoyed time with all of the women opening for his mom on the road.

"They legit had dinner with my son every night," Underwood bragged of her opening acts. "He would go around and sit with them at the table. Jennifer Wayne was telling me one night that he would snuggle with Maddie and then he'd snuggle with Taylor, and then he'd go snuggle with Jen, and then he'd snuggle with Naomi and Hannah, and then he was like, 'Now you all got a turn.' He knows exactly what he's doing."

Isaiah might already be a ladies man, but he's also a doting big brother to 9-month-old Jacob.

"Isaiah's a good big brother, and he wants to be in it," bragged the "Drinking Alone" singer. "Jake is so curious about Isaiah. He'll just watch him and want to touch him. Isaiah's watching TV and the way Isaiah kind of looks at him, and he's like, 'No, no.' He's just real sweet with him."

Underwood took both sons, as well as her husband, Mike Fisher, on the road with her. While she is grateful to have that time with them, she admits it was also challenging.

"Was it easy? No! No," Underwood maintained. "I mean, I have a crib in the back with me. When Jacob would wake up, I'm on. Or there would be nights when I would literally directly come off stage and walk on the bus, and he's just screaming, inconsolable. So it's like, 'Okay. I've still got glitter on my face and I'm back here trying to calm my kid down.'


"But that said, I got to take my kids to work with me every day, and they got to see what I do," she continued. "It was so much fun to see Isaiah watch us, and kind of start to get an inkling of what this life is. I felt like he was always proud, so it was really sweet."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin