Carly Pearce on Touring With Jason Aldean: 'There Is Something Really Mysterious About Him'

Carly Pearce is currently opening for Jason Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour, where she is not only watching what Aldean does on stage, but how he conducts himself off stage as well, and she couldn't be more impressed with her tour boss.

"I think he has a really unique way of treating his camp and treating his opening acts," Pearce told "Not to say that the other guys weren't, because I've had really good relationships, but first day, he comes out, looks all my band in the face, shakes their hand, has an open door policy of really making everybody feel connected to him. And just watching – he doesn't have to do very much onstage.

"He just commands in a way that, he's not running all over," she continued. "He's standing there playing his guitar, playing this songs that are anthemic, and so many hits. I just think there's something really mysterious about him onstage that is really electric."

Pearce spent much of last year opening for some of the biggest names in country music, including Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan and Rascal Flatts, and knows that Aldean is one of the last reigning superstars Pearce will likely have the opportunity to spend time with on the road.

"It's awesome," Pearce gushed. "I obviously feel like I am on the tour of the year and just Jason being Artist of the Decade at the ACMs and Kane [Brown] being quite possibly the biggest middle slot artist, direct support, on a tour. Those guys have been so good to me. So kind, so sweet. Really good to my band. Their crews are awesome and their crowds are really fun, so we're having a great time."

As Pearce's popularity continues to rise, the Kentucky native is learning how to manage a career – and the people behind her career – in the best way possible, looking to some of her female role models to help guide the way.

"I think [Big Machine Label head] Scott Borchetta really instilled in my brain to have a Taylor [Swift], Reba [McEntire] mindset, and a Dolly [Parton] mindset," Pearce revealed. "I like to know everything. I think I spent so many years here trying to make this work, that I was doing everything. So I understand pretty much how everything works, so I like to still be a little bit in control ... I always joke and say my motto is, 'What would Dolly do? What would Reba do?'

"I think that they are so involved and know everything that's going on in their careers, as much as they can, " she continued. "It gets intense, and you have to delegate certain things. But I want to know what's going on. Every decision is made because I approved it. Everything you see, nothing goes out without me knowing about it. And if it does, I'm not happy."


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Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Mike Coppola