Carly Pearce Responds to Rude Comments on Social Media

Carly Pearce should have had one of the best nights of her life, after the opening night of her co-headlining The Way Back Tour with Russell Dickerson. Instead, the 28-year-old was hurt and disappointed, when she read a couple of rude comments from fans who attended the show.

Thankfully, the "Closer to You" singer reacted to the insults, showing both bravery and kindness in her response.

"Last night, I got off stage on a high from an amazing show in Iowa, where I headlined my second show of the weekend, hearing the entire crowd sing the words to my songs," Pearce wrote. "I checked my messages as I do every night after a show because I love y'all and love to see the fun you've had at the show, and then I saw these two messages."

(Photo: Instagram / @carlypearce)

"Honestly I'm still in disbelief but I wanted to share this with you because I feel like this is important (especially for women) to see that WORDS ARE POWERFUL [and] no matter what, think before you speak and BE KIND," she continued. "Body Shaming [and] Bullying ARE NEVER OKAY."

The photos Pearce shared two photos with a close-up of Pearce's stomach. One person asked, "Are you pregnant?" and another said, "Cause you run 10 miles a day."

Pearce's future husband, Michael Ray, chimed in as well, saying, "I am so proud of you for doing this! You are the most beautiful human inside and out. I love you babe."

While the rude comments likely stung, Pearce has no need to worry about her physical shape. The 28-year-old works hard to stay fit, both on and off the road.

"I'm a huge runner, and I really am a good eater," Pearce told "I eat really clean and try to really take care of myself and drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep. And obviously, performing as much as I am, my voice is my instrument and my money maker, so I have to take care of it, as well."

Pearce also works out with celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, both while at home and on the road.

"They're intense," Pearce said of the workouts with Oprea. "I do FaceTime or Skype workouts, and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It's really hard to align schedules, but I definitely do as much as I can."

Hopefully, the negativity won't dampen Pearce's feelings for the rest of The Way Back Tour, which pairs her with one of her closest friends.

"I love Russell so much," Pearce gushed. "I don't know if you saw our social media post, but everybody's doing the 10-year challenge on social media of your photos, and we have an old show poster of us where our first showcase together in Nashville was 10 years ago. So it really has been something that's been a dream come true for both of us to be able to put together this tour."

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Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer