Carly Pearce Injures Knee, Praises Michael Ray for His Support

Carly Pearce is on the mend after injuring her knee, praising her fiancé, Michael Ray, for his support. Ray, who is spending most of the next several months on the road, used his rare time off to watch out for his future bride.

(Photo: Instagram/carlypearce)

"Spent his day off going to different doctor appointments with me because I've injured my knee," Pearce posted in an Instagram Story. "Appreciation post for the best guy [Michael Ray]."

The couple, who is getting married later this year, celebrated their one-year anniversary last month.

"5 hours together total this week, so we spent them celebrating our first year together," Pearce wrote on social media, alongside a photo of the two of them at the Nashville Palace. "I love you more than anything in this world, Michael. Ended our night where it all began. I wish I could go back in time and tell that girl sitting at the bar listening to old school country music with that boy hoping he'd keep his arm around her that this was going to be the night that changed her life forever.... [heart emoji]."

(Photo: Instagram/carlypearce)

Ray also spoke out about their relationship milestone on his own Instagram account as well.

"We have 5 hours together this week... so we celebrated our 1-year anniversary at the place where she stole my heart, listening to traditional country music [The Nashville Palace]," Ray said. "Carly you're my foundation in life and I can't wait for 99 more years with you. Thank you for choosing me, you're the gift I'll never know how I deserved. I love you forever and a day."

Ray is not only close to Pearce, but to her family as well, for which Pearce is extremely grateful.

"I think something that I really love that I didn't know he even knew – my mom and I are really, really close," Pearce told "She quit her job as a cosmetologist to help me when I was 10 years old do all this. She moved to Dollywood with me, and she brought me to Nashville and all those things.


"He involved her so much in the proposal without me even knowing, and has just understood my bond with her and really let us do the wedding, too," she continued. "He loves my mom the way I always want everybody to love my mom, and they have a bond outside of me that I think is really special. It just means a lot to me that he does that."

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz