Brett Young Still Unsure What He Will Sing at His Wedding

Brett Young's wedding is likely only a few weeks away, but he is still unsure what he will sing [...]

Brett Young's wedding is likely only a few weeks away, but he is still unsure what he will sing for the ceremony. The California native has previously said he won't sing any of his own songs, but after that, he is still completely undecided.

"I feel like it puts you in an interesting position because I'm not gonna sing one of my songs," explained Young. "I feel like that's a cop out. That's basically doing what I do for work every night. I'm not gonna sing one of the classic wedding songs that everybody in the world has had in their wedding. And then if I write a song, there's a 99% chance that I'm gonna write some cheesy crap, because trying to write a wedding song is like you set yourself up to fail."

"So I still don't know what I'm gonna do," he continued. "I've tried to write something specific for that and I've definitely not nailed it. I just haven't landed on anything yet."

Young was planning on laying his talent aside for his big day, but gave in to pressure from the upcoming bride, Taylor Mills.

"I didn't want to," Young told CMT. "But I recently got the feeling that she wants me to do at least one song. I think it will be really cheesy to do one of mine. So I'm trying to figure out what the cool, subtle thing to do is so that she gets the moment she's looking for, and I don't feel like I totally sold out on my wedding day."

In addition to planning a wedding, Young is also on the road with Thomas Rhett, serving as the opening act on Rhett's Life Changes Tour, and will then headline his own CMT on Tour: Here Tonight trek. Young is also preparing to release his sophomore Ticket to L.A. album, which includes his current single, "Here Tonight."

"I think we kind of got away with one with the first record," Young told of his debut album. "We put out a lot of mid-tempo and ballads, in terms of going to radio, and that wasn't on purpose. We just wanted to pick what we felt like the right song was for that moment. And so we were adamant on coming with up-tempo for the second record, especially being at the end of the summer."

Find a list of all of Young's upcoming shows, and pre-order Ticket to L.A., by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond