Brett Young Shares Anniversary Message for Wife Taylor: 'Best 2 Years of My Life'

Brett Young and wife Taylor celebrated their 2-year wedding anniversary on Nov. 3, and the singer used social media to share a gushing message to his wife. Young posted two photos of himself and Taylor, the first a shot from their wedding of the couple standing next to a white car, and the second a selfie of the pair sharing a kiss.

"BEST 2 YEARS OF MY LIFE!!!" he wrote, tagging his wife. "Thank you so much for choosing me as your person and partner. I’m the luckiest boy in the world and I pinch myself everyday. I never dreamed to have a life, home, or family anywhere near this beautiful and it’s all because of you. Our daughter is turning into her mom and it brings so much joy to my heart because you’re the best mama and role model in the world. You are truly my better half and I can’t imagine doing life without you. I love you SO MUCH! Happy anniversary, my love!"

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Young and Taylor married in 2018 and welcomed daughter Presley in October 2019, celebrating their baby girl's first birthday last month. Speaking to media ahead of Presley's first birthday, Young shared that his daughter already has an amazing bond with her mom, though her dad's personality is peeking through.

"I think mostly she's learning from Taylor," he said. "Taylor's had this thing where she grew up nannying and you can do all the things and they don't necessarily translate to mean anything, but then there's this innate thing that most women have, but I watched Taylor immediately take to motherhood. There's been this connection with her and Presley since Presley was born. I feel like just because of their immediate connection, she's probably drawing more from her mom, but unfortunately for both of them I think there's a little more of my strong-willed personality in there."

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"She has a thing now where, when she wants something, she just points at it and grunts," he continued. "And I'm like, 'That's kind of how I treat food.' I think she got that one from me. I think in terms of learning, she's still in that early stage with mom where she's spending more time with mom and she's probably learning more new things from mom, but I think genetically, she might've got a little more of dad which could suck for everybody, but we're keeping fingers crossed."