Brett Young Gives an Update on His New Album

Brett Young's eponymous freshman album, released earlier this year, already has three Top 5 singles, including "In Case You Didn't Know," which became a multi-platinum, No.1 smash. Although his debut record is less than a year old, the singer reveals he will start working on his sophomore project before the end of the year.

"If we had to go into the studio and make it today I know what our 12 songs would be," Young tells Sounds Like Nashville. "But we have a little bit of time, so I'm still writing like crazy. We will get into the studio on December 21st and cut three songs and those will be the first three for the new record. We're going to probably do it in groups of three to give me the opportunity to keep writing and beat songs if that's possible. If we're being realistic, we're probably looking at a late summer release —probably single in early summer, album late summer. That's a guess, but I feel that's the kind of time schedule we're on right now."

Young might have at least one well-known co-writer on his new set of tunes: Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley, whom Young got to know while serving as the opening act on Lady A's 2017 You Look Good World Tour.

"Just about every weekend, I'd have a handful of writers come ride the bus so that we could write," Young recalls. "Once Charles figured that out, he'd always find his way over to us at lunch and say, 'Hey would you guys mind if I joined one of these writes?' It ended up him joining more than one. He's such a great writer and such a great dude. We became good buddies out on that tour. We got some great songs. We wrote one that I'll probably put on my record and we wrote one that could potentially end up on the next Lady A record. It was really fun — not just getting to work with him, but just to get to know him better and to become buddies."


Young will wrap up his headlining Caliville Tour with a sold-out show in Milwaukee, Wis. on Dec. 16. He will perform several solo shows in the beginning of the year, and then join Thomas Rhett as the opening act on Rhett's Life Changes Tour, which kicks off on April 5 in Tulsa, Okla. A list of all of Young's upcoming shows is available on his website.