Brett Young Is Figuring out Holidays as a Married Man

Brett Young will likely be a married man by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive. The 'Here [...]

Brett Young will likely be a married man by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive. The "Here Tonight" singer, who is engaged to Taylor Mills, already revealed the wedding will take place this fall, making this the first year Young and Mills will have to share the holidays with their respective in-laws.

"Both of our parents are still happily married and I have a sister, she has a sister. My sister is married, her sister is in a serious relationship," Young shared at a recent media event. "You start talking about who gets what holidays and what we're doing and who goes where. We haven't figured out Christmas yet but we nailed down Thanksgiving. I'm getting the feeling with our families being as close as they are and as involved as they are it's going to be a lot of last minute decisions and not based on who gets what but who's able to do what or who's able to travel where."

For now, Young is just relieved they have one holiday planned out.

"We're actually going to go back to Oxford, Mississippi for the Egg Bowl, Mississippi versus Mississippi State, and celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families there," revealed Young. "And that happens to be where we got engaged so that was the game plan there.

"And then I think we'll talk about who's able to do what and what's available," he continued. "Her family for her whole life has gone to Sun Valley for Christmas. She's from Seattle. And I know they're not doing that this year. I think we're intent on splitting time as well as possible. It's brand new. That's still a learning curve we haven't figured out yet."

Young isn't working too hard on the final wedding details, only because Mills has it all taken care of.

"She's fantastic," Young boasted of his bride-to-be. "I'm on the road pretty much full-time and she's planning a wedding pretty much full-time. From the very beginning I told her, and it wasn't a cop out at all, but I just knew she's so particular, I said, 'All right, I'm going to stay out of your way completely but I promise you anything you do ask for I'll get it done immediately.' And that's pretty much been what we've done."

"It's hectic," he added. "She's so busy planning that a lot of times she's not coming on the road right now, so she's getting things done. And so we miss each other a lot and it's starting to get stressful because it's starting to get close. But it's all good things."

Young's sophomore Ticket to L.A. album will be out on Dec. 7. He is currently on the road with Thomas Rhett, serving as the opening act on Rhett's Life Changes Tour, and will then headline his own CMT on Tour: Here Tonight trek. More details, including album pre-order, can be found at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Michael Loccisano