Brett Young Reveals Favorite Track on Upcoming 'Ticket to L.A.' Album

Brett Young's highly-anticipated sophomore album, Ticket to L.A., will be released on Friday, Dec. 7. The 13-track record includes a collaboration with one of Young's biggest musical idols, who not only co-wrote the track, but also sang on it with Young.

"There’s one surprise on this album No. 2 that I’m really, really excited about," Young divulged. "And anybody that’s followed my career to this point and read interviews, they’ve seen and heard that I have a huge admiration for Gavin DeGraw. His first record and his career has had a lot to do with me wanting to pursue this as a career and do this for a living. We’ve been friends for years now, but this is the first time that I’ve gotten the opportunity to get into a room and write a song with him and it turned out to be one that was kind of the perfect collaboration to also have him sing on.

"And so there is a song on this record called 'Chapters' that I not only co-wrote with Gavin DeGraw and our friend Ross Copperman, but that we also got to feature Gavin playing and singing on," continued Young. "So it’s really special to me and I think it’s something a little different and really cool for the fans that might not only listen to country music but crossover and have been a fan of Gavin for a long time the way that I have.”

Young, who previously stated that Ticket to L.A. was a happier record than his self-titled freshman debut, also finds his new set of tunes different in sound than his freshman project.

“There needed to be something in production that was a little bit different," Young explained. "Not so different that the fans that I’ve earned with album one felt alienated, but different enough that it didn’t feel like album one 2.0. And I sat with [producer] Dann Huff for a while and we talked about it. He had a couple of great ideas, and the one that I think was the winner was, he goes, ‘You grew up listening to soul music and r&b. Let’s just put a little of that flair in the production.'

"And I think that even if you don’t realize you’re hearing it, it’s kind of tucked in there," added the singer. "It’s driving the song and it’s got this r&b flair. And I think we basically made another Brett Young record, but we just put a little r&b twist on it.”


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Kempin