Brett Eldredge Reveals Whether He Would Ever Go on a Dating Show

Is Brett Eldredge heading to The Bachelor? Not so fast. Even though the country crooner recently live-tweeted an episode of the hit ABC dating show, his excitement about the episode doesn't mean he wants to be the one handing out the roses. "I don't think so," Eldredge told KMLE 107.9’s Gunner & Cheyenne when asked about a potential star turn.

"I don't think I could see myself doing any of that," he said. "I think I like my private life too much." The Illinois native also discussed how he thinks the dating world will look post-pandemic, explaining that he thinks everyone is "trying to figure out how that works." Whether its dating or anything in life, I think once we get out of this… you get more meaningful conversations, a little bit more depth, less of the small talk and getting to know someone a little bit more," he said. "And also cutting out the things in your life that don’t really give you any value to your life. You kind of find what’s important to you."

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Back in 2015, PEOPLE magazine shared five reasons why they thought Eldredge should be the next man to take up the mantle, but the singer told Taste of Country Nights that he had no plans to star on the show. "It’s a flattering thing that People magazine came out and said 'He should be the next Bachelor,' but all this touring, man," he said. "I just don’t have time to do it right now, but I’ve been a bachelor for a while, so I guess I’m at least kinda good at that part of it."

Right now, Eldredge is focused on his upcoming album, Sunday Drive, which will be released on July 10. Last week, the singer shared the album's title track and revealed that he first heard it years ago when he was working as an intern at Universal Music Publishing transferring CDs into MP3s in the basement room.

"I loved listening to all of the incredible songwriters' songs and was always blown away by what people could create from their soul," he wrote on Instagram. "One day I stumbled upon this song called "Sunday Drive", and I was stopped in my tracks... I couldn't believe a song could be written by someone else but feel like every word and melody was every part of my life existence...I secretly/selfishly hoped and prayed no one would record it so that one day when the time was right, I could record it and make it something extremely special."