Brett Eldredge, Meghan Trainor Reflect on Surprising Friendship

A country star and GRAMMY-winning pop artist might not seem like a likely pair, but Brett Eldredge and Meghan Trainor have never been artists to conform to standards. The singers, who taped a CMT Crossroads earlier this year, are long time friends, and mutual fans.

"We first met at a CMA after party in 2014," Trainor recalls to CMT. "We both had the best time of our lives. I performed with Miranda Lambert, 'All About That Bass, and he won Best New Artist and so we were living the dream. And that night we celebrated and raged with my dad. We danced on the dance floor until 4 AM, and I saw him at a couple other events. We've been friends since.

"Then my mom was a huge fan after that night," continues Trainor. "She was like, 'You need to write with him. You need to make songs with him. I love his music.' To this day, she believes she knows where his soulmate is. She's trying to set him up constantly as if he was my brother. I'm like, 'You don't have to do this, Mom. He's going to be OK.'"

Their musical styles might be different, but the "Love Someone" singer says their compatibility makes sense – at least to them.

"We both rose up in the Nashville songwriting community together," says Eldredge. "We're old souls. She loves [Frank] Sinatra. She loves that throwback vibe, and I do, too. I think songwriters in Nashville know a great songwriter for a great songwriter regardless of whether you're country or not.

"If you're as talented as Meghan is, people are going to want to write with you," he continues. "They're going to take a shot with you. Maybe it's not like that in every city, but that's the kind of shots people give you in Nashville. We both got those shots early on, and now here we are.

"We relate so much because we grew up in a similar path," Trainor adds. "Everything happened when it happened really fast, and we were both songwriters in Nashville just trying to get anything going."

Although they Eldredge and Trainor don't have any future plans to perform together, their excitement at performing together for their CMT Crossroads episode hints that they will, hopefully, find more time together on stage.

"We're just going to make everybody feel alive," Eldredge says. "We're going to make everybody feel it in their hearts and in their souls, we're going to do big vocals, and we're going to have these magic moments."

"And I'm gonna dance," Trainor chimes in. "And it's going to be a really fun show."


Elredge and Trainor's episode of CMT Crossroads airs on Sept, 3. Check local listings at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Ed Rode