Brett Eldredge Hints at Possible Jazz Album

Brett Eldredge is one of country music's leading men, but he isn't influenced just by the country greats who have gone before him. The Illinois native is also influenced by R&B and jazz, which he hints might make it onto a future album.

"Somewhere down the road of course I'd love to make a [jazz] record, and I'd love to continue to make the records that I make like I do every day," Eldredge shared with at a recent media event. "I'm writing for my next album already. I'm always growing and there's so many different kinds of music that feed into the music I make now. I think I'm slowly starting to already kind of show the merging of that a little bit and these are those influences."

Eldredge released the Christmas Glow album in 2016, which featured jazz-style songs of some of his most beloved carols, like "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and "Winter Wonderland."

"That was a right turn in itself in a way where I just love that kind of music," Eldredge explains. "So I knew that if it's a passion of mine, if I can be honest with it – this is something that I loved growing up. I love all forms of music and this is one that made me the artist that I am in a way."

Eldredge has performed covers of some of the Big Band standards, including "Come Rain or Come Shine" and "Fly Me To The Moon," and says they will always be a part of his repertoire.


"These big classic songs I love, and they make me feel something powerful," Eldredge says. "Maybe one day down the road I'll definitely make a record like that. I'm happy making the records I am now and I'll try to make every kind of record I can. I just love music and this is definitely something I feel in my heart."

Eldredge's latest single, "The Long Way" is from his eponymous fourth studio album. Download the song on iTunes.