Brad Paisley Reveals New Video After His TV Special With Message to Fans

After the success of Brad Paisley's TV special, Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special, the singer is [...]

After the success of Brad Paisley's TV special, Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special, the singer is speaking out about the hour-long show. Paisley shared a message with his fans on social media, expressing gratitude for how many fans tuned in for the inaugural event.

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"Thanks for tuning in," Paisley said. "I hope you had a blast. I know we did. And if you want to find more clips of this, we're posting them on our YouTube page, if you want to watch any of them again. I had a great, great time. Thanks to all the great performers, and thanks for watching Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special.

One of the highlights of the show, which had fans speaking out, was when Carrie Underwood went mudding in Paisley's truck, with a terrified Paisley sitting beside her.

"I had no idea how that would go on paper," Paisley told Billboard. "I had no clue there was this trailer park, screaming banshee, hillbilly, crazy woman inside. The funniest image to me is the stunt driver on hold on the sidelines, holding a blonde wig, ready to go if she's not comfortable – and boy we didn't need him.

"She was so fired up about doing this, and it was neat to watch her take the reins of something like this and really unleash that personality in a great way," he added. "We're dear old friends and at this point I would think it's hard to surprise people with what she is capable of. I think we did it on the show."

Another highlight was when Tim McGraw auditioned for a role opposite Paisley's real-life wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who was vying for the position of McGraw's wife, with the actress fawning over McGraw.

It was Paisley's idea to not only do the TV special, but to do it in his current hometown of Nashville.

"I said, 'I think L.A. and New York are represented on television," recalled Paisley of his initial meeting with ABC. "Wouldn't it be neat to take one of America's hottest, booming cities musically and creatively in so many ways, and put something on TV where we showcase the best of that, and show people on a TV special that Nashville is so cool?'"

Other artists who appeared in the one-hour special include the Jonas Brothers, Kelsea Ballerini, Peyton Manning and Hootie & the Blowfish.

Photo Credit: NBC / Justin Lubin