Brad Paisley Makes a Kentucky Farmer Tear up With Surprise Gift

Brad Paisley helped give one couple a moving surprise when he teamed up with Amazon for its new eight-part docuseries Regular Heroes, which highlights the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic and serves as a way to give back to those who have been selflessly helping others during this time. Paisley appeared in episode six, titled "The Farmer, the Mechanic, and the Bus Driver," which premiered on Amazon Prime Video last month. The farmer from the title was Daniel Hayden, a poultry farmer from Whitesville, Kentucky who has been helping to keep food banks stocked and is educating children about humane farming.

During the episode, Paisley FaceTimed with Hayden and his wife, Danielle, telling them, "I so appreciate you keeping the food chain going for all of us." "I know this is tough right now with the family farm and what you're having to do, and I'm gonna give you a couple of things today that I think maybe you need," the singer continued before instructing the couple to walk outside to their porch. There, they were gifted with a year's supply of N95 masks to help keep them and their staff at the farm safe as well as a pair of matching Hayden Farms belt buckles.

"Lastly, we know you guys have been trying really hard to start a family," Paisley said, sharing that the Haydens will be given financial assistance for fertility treatments "in the hopes that you can have a child to pass this farm down to, keeping it in the family." "That means the world to us," Hayden said as he began to tear up. "That is our number one priority: passing it on to the next generation… we've had trouble with that for a while." "We need more people like you," Paisley told him. "So, we are going to try to help you make them."

The episode also featured Francisco Gomez of San Antonio, Texas, an emergency vehicle technician who has been repairing fire trucks and ambulances during the pandemic, and Tiffany Underwood, a community transit bus operator in Seattle who has helped essential workers get to and from their jobs. Both Gomez and Underwood also received special donations so they can continue to pay it forward in their communities. Regular Heroes began on May 8 and featured several other stars including Alicia Keys, Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart and J.J. Watt. The series will release new episodes every Friday through July 3.