Bobby Bones Promises to 'Work Harder' in 'Dancing With the Stars' Semi-Finals

Bobby Bones and his pro dancing partner Sharna Burgess will compete in the semi-finals of Dancing With the Stars next week, after remaining in Monday night's (Nov. 5) competition. The couple, who danced to Chris Janson performing to "Can't Help Falling Love" during the country music-themed week, earned their personal highest scores, with an impressive 24/30.

With both John Schneider and DeMarcus Ware eliminated, Bones and Burgess are one of only six couples remaining in DWTS, which means they are about to step up their practice even more.

"We're just going to wake up in the morning and go back to work, really," Bones shared with On the Red Carpet. "That's what it is to us. We're excited to be able to move on, and that our people put us here, and we just want to represent for them. So we're going to work harder. We're going to keep working, because we didn't get here because of my feet. She's got me to a place, and they've got me to a place, and now we've got to close the shop down."

Bones has come a long way since his debut performance on the show, earning high praise from Burgess, who admits she is stunned by how far he has come.

"Leaps and bounds. He's a completely different dancer now," Burgess boasted. "Bobby Bones started not knowing how to put one foot in front of the other when it came to dance, and now he can lead me around the dance floor, understand what steps are when I say them, and pick up a routine in a matter of hours instead of weeks."

The iHeartRadio host also announced during Dancing With the Stars that he will join American Idol this season as a full-time in-house mentor. Bones previously joined Idol last season to help the Top 24 prepare for their celebrity duets. For this season, Bones will join the show from the beginning, to help contestants "reach the next level of their artistry and performances," according to ABC.

"I'm super excited. I can't wait to work with them and hopefully make a brand new superstar on American Idol," Bones said in a video ABC tweeted during Dancing With the Stars. "So be sure to watch, and I will see you soon."


A premiere date for Season 17 of American Idol has yet to be announced. Dancing With the Stars airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Allen Berezovsky