Bobby Bones Says Getting Female Artists on Radio Is a 'Big Priority' for Him

Bobby Bones walked the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards wearing a shirt that said, "Support Female Artists." It's a cause that has been important to Bones for a long time, and one he will continue to promote.

"For me for the last three, four years or so, it's been a big priority of mine," Bones told "Not just playing them on the radio or putting them on as guests, but I take them out as support on tour. I introduce them to label heads. [CMT executive] Leslie Fram at CMT does a fantastic job, as well. So for me, it's about growing it, more so than just take.

"I need an evolution more than a revolution, because evolutions stay, revolutions fall," he continued. "So, for me, it's about the growth, a slow growth, because that lasts. And that's kind of been what I've been involved in the last few years, and I'm hopefully making a dent in it."

As the host of the popular The Bobby Bones Show, the Arkansas native has a big platform to advocate for more female artists on radio, but it's his fans who Bones says really deserve much of the credit.

"I think the listeners on my show, it's the strongest group of people in the format," boasted Bones. "It's not even me. I'm like the waiter. I can only take. I like this, you don't have to eat it. But my listeners, one, just by the numbers, are the biggest, but they're also the most giving. Together, my listeners raised $167,000 to build Army Specialist Scott West a home. A literal house, because he lost both his legs in an IED accident. And I went on and was like, 'Hey this happened.' And a day later, we had $167,000 to build him a home that you can move around in. It's AED certified.

"So, not only breaking artists, but doing great things, and I'm so proud of them," he continued. "We call them the B-team. I'm so proud of them, because I wouldn't be here without them. And they do all the work.

The reigning Dancing With the Stars champ was just announced as one of the hosts of the upcoming CMA Fest TV special, joining Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini for the first time for the annual event.

"It's me, Thomas Rhett, and Kelsea Ballerini," Bones said. "We're hosting. It's gonna be on ABC in August. So, it's fantastic they brought me on. I'm pretty pumped."

The 39-year-old hints that fans might have more opportunities to see him in the future, in addition to his radio show.

"I've got some cool stuff coming up too, which is fun," Bones hinted. "So it's been like, nobody in my whole life ever thought I was cool, and they still don't think I'm cool, but they're like, 'Huh, how does he keep getting jobs? Maybe we should look at him.' So it's been a fun time for me."


The CMA Fest TV special will air on Aug. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Jeff Kravitz