Bobby Bones Claims Carrie Underwood's Face Looked the Same in First Interview

Well-known radio host Bobby Bones was the first to interview Carrie Underwood, on his The Bobby Bones Show, after her injury. The singer, who fell in November, resulting in surgery and more than 40 stitches to her face, returned to the spotlight with her single, "Cry Pretty," opening up to Bones for the first time about her accident, and why she stayed out of the public eye for several months.

Bones, a close friend of Underwood, admits he expected to see much more of a difference in the singer than what he actually saw.

"Carrie's awesome," Bones tells PEOPLE. "I told her when she came in that I expected this crazy facial difference in her and had she not said something about it I just don't think I would've noticed.She said she puts a lot of makeup on but again I was sitting three feet from her and there really wasn't anything crazy."

(Photo: Jason Kempin / SiriusXM)

Perhaps surprisingly, it was Underwood's idea to appear on The Bobby Bones Show, so she could finally share her story.

"Luckily for me, I have a relationship with Carrie," says Bones. "We've performed together, we know each other, we live close to each other in Nashville. We do have a bit of history, at least in friendship, so when it was time for her to come back it was like, 'Hey I want to come on the show because you'll give me the most fair representation.'"

Underwood released a letter to her fans in April, saying, among other things, that she was worried about her appearance.

"I think, in her mind, it was a pretty bad injury that took a while to come back from," says Bones. "I think she feels that she looks different because she wrote that in her letter to the fans especially early on. She said, 'I may not look the same.' And she had reconstruction on her face but she looks wonderful. I don't know that I would've even noticed it."

Bones just released his second book, Fail Until You Don't: Fight Grind Repeat, and also does stand-up comedy and served as a mentor on Season 16 of American Idol, in addition to hosting his daily radio show. But the 38-year-old insists he doesn't have all of those different jobs because he is especially gifted.

"[I do] nothing well. That's why I have to do all the stuff," Bones tells "I don't really have one talent that's amazing, and so I just try to stay out there. I got a swimming pool now, and I gotta pay the bill on that thing. I never had a swimming pool before. I grew up really poor, and there was only one swimming pool, and it was outside of town. So now I have one, and so I'm determined to keep that thing going."

Underwood's Cry Pretty album will be released in September. Download the single on iTunes.


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