Blanco Brown in ICU After Head-On Car Crash in Atlanta

"The Git Up" singer Blanco Brown is currently in the ICU after he was involved in a head-on car crash near his home in Atlanta on Monday night in which he suffered "significant injuries." A statement from Brown's record label, BBR Music Group, shares that the singer was transported to a hospital and underwent a 12-hour surgery following the crash. He is currently resting in the ICU and is expected to need additional surgeries. No further details are available about the crash or the extent of Brown's injuries.

"BBR Music Group’s beloved Blanco Brown, the artist behind 2019’s worldwide viral smash 'The Git Up' and current hit 'Just The Way' was involved in a head-on collision Monday night near his home in Atlanta, Ga," the full statement reads, via The Boot. "The accomplished writer, vocalist and Grammy-nominated producer suffered significant injuries and was transported to a local hospital where he underwent a 12-hour surgery to address those traumas. Additional surgeries are expected as he currently rests in the ICU. Blanco, his family and his friends ask for your prayers during this time."

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Brown is so far best known for his hit "The Git Up," which spawned a viral dance craze and spent 12 weeks at No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart and reached No. 14 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100. His most recent single is "Just the Way," a collaboration with Parmalee. The 35-year-old initially worked as a songwriter and producer in hip-hop but recently made the move to country music, where he has released a self-titled EP and a full-length album, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs. He also appeared on Diplo's recent album Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil, on the song "Do Si Do."

"I started out with country music as a young kid just singing records over and over again," Brown previously told Sounds Like Nashville, sharing that he spent his childhood in the Atlanta projects during the school year and rural Georgia during the summer. "The first record I knew was Tim McGraw’s ['Dont Take the Girl'], and then I fell in love with Johnny Cash — but I’m also a big fan and supporter of Outkast, and that’s really what my music is. It’s trailer park music meets trap music, I bridge the gap and call it 'trailer trap.'"